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Just about everyone knows that to clean your rigs, bongs, and any other smoking glass devices you should be using alcohol, salt, and some of your own muscle. This method will have your glass pieces looking almost brand new. Although this method does work wonders with a little elbow grease, and some soaking. There are products made specifically for this of course. Normally these cleaners on the market don't require muscle, you can just give it a good soak and a quick shake and be done. Our favorite cleaner is called Formula 420. We currently don't sell any, but we will be looking into it and trying out other cleaners. 

How often should you clean your bong?    

There's not an exact answer, it depends on how often you use your piece. If you are a heavy bong ripper you may want to clean it every other day. Some people clean it after every session! You should change your water every day to keep your hits fresh. Fresh water means fresh hits. 

Simple Salt And Water Cleaning:

Pour 3 or more tablespoons of salt into the neck of your bong. The coarser the salt is, the better it will do. With warm water fill your bong until it is below the downstem line. Cover the downstem hole and mouthpiece hole and start shaking your piece. Shake for a few minutes. Pour out the dirty water and keep rinsing with salt and warm water until you are satisfied with your results. Make sure you rinse all the salt out before your next use!

You can also use 99% isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt to shake and rinse with water.

It is best if you clean your bong as often as you possibly can. A quick rinse after each use and a full clean on the weekend can produce cleaner and smoother hits. An unclean bong can potentially lead to respiratory infections and even lung infections. 

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