Our first partner is Krypto Kronikz , from the UK. Hands down the best looking cannabis related NFT on the market. Join their discord for an amazing community and a rarity sheet for your Kronikz. Available only on Magic Eden, Solonart and Digital Eyes. All Kronikz holders will receive a 15% off discount.
Below is a Kronikz that we hold!
Our second partner is  Masonbrite from Denver, Colorado! Their main product fits on any mason jar and allows you to see your bud up close and personal. Using two magnification levels, you can see up to 3X & 5X for optimal viewing of your quality herb. 
Join the MasonBrite discord server and receive a 15% off discount 
Use code "ELEVATECRATE" for 15% off when purchasing your next MasonBrite! 
Our third partner is  Crypto Weed Dudes aka " The Dudes" created by a very talented artist named AsRudeAsPossible. Available on Opensea! 
The Dudes first drop is already sold out, and they released drop two on Feb. 12th, 2022. With 240 more NFTs waiting to be dropped, along with different Weed Jars and hopefully much much more!
If you hold one of "The Dudes" you will receive exclusive stickers (once form is available), and exclusive merch is in the works. Check out their website or discord for more information. But, for now you can enjoy 15% off our website as a holder! 
We are holding on to The Dude #134 
For our final NFT partner, Bears On Smoke, A 4/20 friendly Solana NFT project dedicated to navigating the NFT space and providing rewards to their holders along the way both NFT and IRL related! All holders will receive a 15% discount on all Elevate Crate items as well as be able to enter the Bears On Smoke vending machine using your staked tokens ($BOS) to win your own Elevate Crate x BOS mystery box! 
Don't forget to follow BearsOnSmoke on Twitter and join their Discord for more info.